Paula Petrone holds PhD degree in Biophysics from Stanford University. She completed her undergraduate degree in Physics at Instituto Balseiro in Argentina.
As a data science advisor in Newborn Solutions, Paula contributes with her expertise in Biomedical Data Science field.
She is an associated research professor at ISGlobal leading the Biomedical Data Science team. Her lines of research include biomedical data science and artificial intelligence applied to early diagnosis, risk assessment and management of chronic conditions, mental health and neurodegeneration, health informatics, real-world evidence from patients and wearables, and medical imaging. Her extensive experience ranges from a postdoc fellowship at Novartis NIBR, Senior Data Scientist at Roche, where she developed several machine learning models applied to drug discovery, and postdoctoral work in neuroscience at Barcelona Brain Research Centre. Paula is also WIDS ambassador in Barcelona, a yearly conference that aims to give visibility to women leaders in data science and STEM careers.