Spanish Meningitis Association


Newborn Solutions and the Spanish Meningitis Association (AEM, the acronym in Spanish) join forces to fight against meningitis. AEM is now leading the successful and restless awareness task initiated by the former Irene Megías Foundation against Meningitis. Despite of being the only meningitis association in Spain, AEM is part of the world Confederation of Meningitis Organisations (COMO) composed of 43 members from 24 different countries all over the globe.


In a meeting with Newborn Solutions’ CEO Javier Jiménez and CFO Pablo García in Barcelona last April 29th, 2016, AEM president Santi García and vice-president Elena Moya showed their personal and institutional support to Newborn Solutions project Neosonics, the first medical device to non-invasively screen for infant meningitis. Their support will lever the visibility of our accomplishments, objectives and needs which are designed to solve the problems of the people they represent. For this reason, it makes us particularly proud to be object of their support and of our conviction, as a healthcare company, that approaching patients or victims and understanding their actual problems is key to the development of effective solutions.


The devastating consequences of meningitis span from death in a matter of hours to long-term sequelae involving deafness or limb imputation. AEM (and COMO) is composed mostly by victims of such devastating a disease and they speak up through social media and conferences to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms associated to meningitis and the crucial need for vaccination that may prevent the suffering of children, parents, families and friends. From NBS we highly recommend that you visit and to gain a personal and accurate insight of the effects of disease as explained by some of their victims. This will also help understanding the value of the Neosonics in this context.


Neosonics will be used to non-invasively screen for meningitis in infants with meningeal signs and will raise suspicion for meningitis should the cerebrospinal fluid show an elevated cellularity, a clinically establish diagnostic parameter. As a result, physicians will be able to rapidly recognise the infection and trigger immediate treatment in those asymptomatic patients in early stages of the disease.