Barcelona Winner And 2nd Place At The ImagineIf! Global Competition.

New Born Solutions CEO Javier Jiménez won 2nd place in the Global ImagineIf! business pitch competition. The event was held in Cambridge (UK) on September 22nd, 2016 during the Innovation Forum Healthcare Conference. After winning the local competition in Barcelona, Newborn Solutions was one of the 15 projects worldwide selected to present their projects. Finalists had only four minutes to catch the interest of the pannel of experts and the audience. The pannel and the audience was a mixture of top-notch scientists, business professionals and industry representatives. Check this website to learn more about the 15 finalists:  TOP 15 FINALISTS


The Innovation Forum supports Newborn Solutions

The Innovation Forum is an accelerator for science-based ventures. It is supported by a global grassroots network of over 10,000 innovators that seeks to build bridges between industry, academia and government. The Innovation Forum is having now interviews with Newborn Solutions to jointly explore potential ways of support through their network. NBS could benefit from mentoring, facilities, and several other services.


IQSTechFactory, an invaluable companion

The ImagineIf! competition has been an excellent environment to show the potential and impact of our development. The NBS team feels very proud to have accomplished the 2nd place in the competition given the high quality of the other finalist projects. For his support, we would like to send special thanks to IQSTechFactory director Oriol Pascual, who accompanied the NBS team during the contest. IQSTechFactory sponsored the 2016 ImagineIf! final in Barcelona and provides support to entrepreneurs and science-based startups. The program offers not only assessment in business development, intellectual property protection, and access to talent, but also access to funding. Take a minute to visit their website: IQSTechFactory


We would like to thank the Innovation Forum and IQSTechFactory for their support, with them WE GROW TOGETHER.