Moving Foward


Autumn has been intense at Newborn Solutions . We keep moving  inside and outside our offices at the Scientific Park of Barcelona in order to accelerate our pace. Near future looks very exciting!

Agreements with Hospitals TO START Clinical Trial In Q1 2019

We are more than happy to announce that Newborn Solutions will be performing Clinical Trials with Neosonics in different centres during next year.

Newborn Solutions recently signed agreements with Hospital Universitario La Paz (Madrid), Hospital Universitario Quirón Madrid (Pozuelo de Alarcón) and ISGlobal Barcelona at Centro de Investigaçao em Saúde de Manhiça (Mozambique). We are very excited to see the performance of our technology during the Proof of Concept, which will be starting in Q1 2019.

NBS awarded with EIT Health Headstart

It happened again! We are proud to announce that Newborn Solutions accomplished EIT Health Headstart grant. We see this recognition from EIT Health as an opportunity to accelerate our way to market and to access an invaluable network of hospitals, industrial partners and international investors.

Our objective is not only to extent our willingness to pay study and perform a cost-utility analysis, but also to undergo feasibility tests of our technology for different applications in order to show the scalability of the business. Additionally, we intend to do some demonstrations with potential users so that we can receive feedback while we generate a state of opinion.

This support will surely help us with our next steps towards the market, generate confidence and state of opinion among future users, potential clients and investors.

Newborn Solutions at MEDICA. Thank you ACCIÓ!

Could you think of a better environment to give NBS a boost towards its next milestone? Thanks to Acció, NBS could have the opportunity to be there.

MEDICA / COMPAMED trade fair is the right place to be for innovation leaders in Healthcare. It provides the perfect scenario for synergies to happen since technology providers, equipment manufacturers and global distributors are gathered together. We could not miss the chance to meet the healthcare division of big corporations such as Samsung, Philips and Bosch amongst others, as well as potential technology suppliers and international distributors.

Additionally, our CEO, Javier Jiménez, had the opportunity to present  Newborn Solutions at the Disrupt Startup PITCH Session (see photo). It was good to meet Stimulo Design as well, our product design collaborators, who were also present at MEDICA, to share our impressions on the event.

Newborn Solutions on the Daily Prosper’s NEWS

We are proud that the Daily Prosper selected NBS to be part of its content. This diary is an initiative powered by Banco Santander, and is mainly focused in communicating inspiring news on different topics related to the world, life and society.

Our device was chosen as an example of an innovative solution on the healthcare sector. We are always glad to explain our project and see that it has an impact in the media, so thank you for the opportunity!


More coming soon. STAY TUNED!