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Newborn Solutions connects with the world

Newborn Solutions is in the news and definitely visible and an interest to society. In the past month, Newborn Solutions has been selected and sponsored by Chiesi to participate in the Richi Foundation Social Entrepreneur Inmersion program in Boston, interviewed by BBC WORLD (Spanish branch) and EL PAIS – Vodafone One. As a result of such publicity, NBS has reached – or more precisely – connected with people all over the world with which we grow together.

EL PAÍS – Vodafone ONE

Vodafone One interviewed Javier Jimenez, our CEO, during the European Innovators Under 35 Summit held in November in Barcelona. Vodafone ONE interviews people working on technological advances for the future including and realizes exquisitely-designed videos to clearly convey such advances to the audience. In the last Science section it was time for Newborn Solutions and our first product, Neosonics. Don’t miss the video!

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BBC interviewed our CEO to tell the world that Neosonics, the “Giant Pen”, will revolutionize infant meningitis diagnosis and treatment monitoring everywhere. The news focuses on the impact our product will have in underserved areas. There, Neosonics is most needed to help reducing misdiagnosis and, as a result, saving lives. Here’s the link.

Nonetheless, meningitis and its consequences are dreadful everywhere, also in industrialised countries. This is precisely the message meningitis survivor Charlene Colechin gave the to the world. The link can be found at the end of our interview and it is worth following.

Chiesi sponsors Newborn Solutions for the Richi Foundation Social Entrepreneur Inmersion Program in Boston

Chiesi has selected Newborn Solutionsto take part of Richi Foundation’s Boston Inmersion Program. This year it will be the program’s second edition. Chiesi is an Italian multinational pharmaceutical company with a focus on newborns and on improving patient health through open innovation. Confluences with  Newborn Solutions strong enough for Chiesi to not only give us the opportunity to participate in the program but also to explore potential synergies and common interests between the companies. Here’s the link to Chiesi’s announcement.

The Richi Foundation (RF)  has a very clear objective: to fight infant cancer. And they are taking giant steps and in the right place to do so. Recently, USA government allocated several million dollars for research in such directions. At the Richi Foundation they trust in education, talent and entrepreneurship to change the world for better. For these reasons, they offered us the opportunity to leverage the impact we want to have also in the USA. Follow the RF link announcing the sponsorship and our participation in the program.