Grants Tripet


We could not be happier and more thankful! Newborn Solutions has accomplished in 12 months (February 2017 – February 2018) the most prestigious grants for startups in Spain (Neotec), Catalunya (Startup Capital) and EU (SME Instrument Phase 1).

League, Cup and Champions

The equivalent in soccer is winning the Spanish League, the Catalan cup and playing the Champions League of startups. In these competitions, the success rate is about 8%. Consequently, for the EU SME Instrument phase 1 grant this translates in being one of the 161 funded companies out of the 2009 that applied from 44 different countries, 298 from Spain.

Newborn Solutions is creating health and economic impact

It is not that often that three independent administrations decide to grant a startup. Spanish, Catalan and European administrations have granted Newborn Solutions for our mission. And this is to develop technology for early detection of infections in superficial body fluids without the need for needles. This validates that what we are doing is relevant and impactful in health and economy. This validation is in alignment with our own market research and also with an outsourced Market Need Study we entrusted to the market agency Insight in Life Sciences. Ambitiously, this study included 20 Pediatricians from 20 reference hospitals in Germany, France, UK, Italy and Spain. At the end of the study, we were happily satisfied when the main outcomes reflected 100% acceptance of the need and the proposed solutions (Neosonics), and 95% agreement that the need and the solution are relevant or very relevant.

Newborn Solutions as an investment opportunity

Newborn Solutions is a company developing first-in-class products and with a clear strategy to reach a 40B€ market. Surely, these are some reasons why public administrations, our current investors and large corporations including Philips and Chiesi acknowledge our work. As a company with global vision and rapid growth our funding is based on private investment. Therefore, our journey to market offers different investment opportunities that allow investors to optimize their risk-investment balance. If you are interested in investing and want to know more, contact us!