Newborn Solutions is a medical device startup that will enable non-invasive detection and monitoring of infections in serous body fluids, with an initial and primary focus on infant meningitis. Meningitis detection is challenging due to the unspecific signs associated to the infection, such as fever of unknown source, particularly in young infants and newborns with very little symptomatology. That’s why history and physical examination alone are often insufficient to confirm or exclude the diagnosis. Lumbar puncture to draw a sample of cerebrospinal fluid is an essential investigation, but difficult to perform and potentially hazardous for the sick child. Neosonics, the medical device we are developing, will be used to confirm accurate suspicion of meningitis and to provide a better care and management of neonatal and infant at risk or confirmed meningitis. Neosonics, is based on artificial intelligence algorithms to automatically count, at the push of a button, white blood cells in the cerebrospinal fluid directly below the infant fontanelle, a well-established diagnostic marker for infections.


Founded by Javier Jimenez, PhD, MBA and CEO of the company after his participation in the M+Visión program, an initiative of the Madri+d Foundation and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to leverage the biomedical industry in the Regional Government of Madrid. Madrid-MIT M+Visión researchers are selected from all over the world to form multinational and multicultural teams to generate technology-based ideas that solve unmet medical needs. The startup was launched in 2015 with the desire to revolutionize the field of medical devices for non-invasive monitoring and screening of infant meningitis.


Upon request from key opinion leaders, the device is also being tested to show clinical feasibility in other applications of infections in serous body fluids. The company is also developing predictive models exploiting clinical, blood and the non-invasive cerebrospinal fluid white blood cells count to further support diagnostic and treatment decisions. Today a growing team, Newborn Solutions is attracting talent as our activities keep on flourishing and has established itself at the heart of the Barcelona Science Park, where research and innovation thrives. We are regularly recognized and given support by distinguished industry, clinical peers, and institutions. We also gladly take part as a showcase of innovation in the healthcare and MedTech startup ecosystem in Spain and Europe, whenever the opportunity arises.


At Newborn Solutions we generate impact, innovation and patient-oriented development in healthcare through our partnerships with:


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 81738. We are proudly funded by:

Startup & SME (RIS3)

In collaboration with

H2020 SME Instru-
ment Phase 1

Startup Capital - Cupons a la indústria 4.0

NEOTEC grant

Headstart grant
medtech category

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in collaboration with ISGlobal

KDT JU - Grant Agreement 101096884 -Listen2Future

EIC Accelerator Grant & Equity Funding - Grant Agreement 190155553


Thanks to all who have recognized our innovative work through awards and support:

Award for the Best
Technology-Based Idea

Healthcare Innovation Forum 2016 1st place (Barcelona), 2nd in the global competition (Cambridge, UK)

1st place of the
Spanish final

Technology Review recognized Javier Jiménez as the Spanish Innovator under 35 in 2016

Top presenting
company Tech Tour
award 2017

Best pitching company 2017 sponsored by Chiesi

Healthworks Program 2017 (election rate of 1,67%)

1st place in the medtech category 2020

3rd Prize winner 2021

Winner of the third edition, 2020


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